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UTIs are the worst, and unfortunately, many surprising things can cause them.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are downright uncomfortable. Not only do they make you feel like you have no energy, but they also cause abdominal and lower back pain, urine that smells, painful urination, an urge to urinate without the ability, a shaky feeling and even chills or fever. The fact is that no woman wants to have to deal with a UTI, but in order to avoid them you need to know what can cause them, and some causes can be pretty surprising. In our last blog, our OBGYN in Bradenton went over a few of the most surprising causes of UTIs. Keep reading to learn about more surprising causes:

#5. You eat too much sugar.

When most of us think of eating too much sugar, we think of expanding waistlines, but did you know that consuming all of that sugar can also lead to UTIs? How? Because when you eat too much sugar, it causes your blood sugar level to spike so much that some of that sugar can actually end up in your urine. The UTI-causing bacteria love sugar even more than you do, and when that excess sugar ends up in your urine, is attracts that bacteria to your urethra, where it causes an infection.

#6. You use a diaphragm.

If you are prone to UTIs, then a diaphragm probably isn’t the best birth control option for you. A diaphragm presses up again the bladder, and that can make it difficult to completely empty your bladder when you urinate. As we mentioned in our previous blog, the longer your urine is held, the more bacteria can multiply in it, putting you at risk for a UTI. Luckily, there are many different birth control options available that won’t increase your risk for getting a UTI.

#7. You douche.

Many women feel cleaner when they douche, but the fact of the matter is that douching is one of the best ways to ensure that you’ll get a UTI. Why? Because douching disrupts the careful balance of bacteria in the vagina — killing the healthy bacteria and making way for the bacteria that causes UTIs. UTIs aren’t the only downside to douching; it has also been linked to pelvic inflammatory disease, vaginal infections, pregnancy complications and even cervical cancer. All in all, it’s really not worth it, and besides, there is minimal scientific evidence that there is any real benefit to doing it in the first place.

#8. You have a lot of sex.

Unfortunately, the more often you have sex, the higher the chance of getting a UTI. During sex, bacteria can get introduced in the vagina that causes UTIs. If you have multiple partners, it puts you at an even higher risk. However, there’s a simple way to decrease your risk for getting a UTI from sex: always urinate afterwards! Urinating after sex helps to wash away the bacteria that may have found its way into the urethra.

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Regardless of what may have caused it, if you think you may have a UTI, schedule your appointment right away. There’s no reason to live with a UTI longer than you have to!

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