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Don’t let the myths and misconceptions about IVF prevent you from getting the fertility treatment you need.

When it comes to IVF, the list of myths and misconceptions goes on and on. But, the reality is that many women — who would not have otherwise been able to do so — have successfully conceived because of IVF. Unfortunately, many women are so caught up in the myths that they don’t even consider IVF, even though it might be their best chance at having a baby. That’s why our obstetrics clinic in Sarasota has set out to debunk common IVF myths. Make sure that you check out our last blog to learn about the myths we’ve already covered, and keep reading to learn more.

Myth #4. IVF only works for young couples.

Think you’re too old for IVF? Luckily, there’s a good chance that you can still get pregnant with IVF, even if you’re not 23 anymore. While it’s true that age is a factor in the success of IVF, it can be successful in older women as well as younger women. For older women — women who are post-menopausal — donor eggs from younger women are required. It’s also important to note that, the older you get, the success rates for IVF declines. Women who are younger than 35 have the highest rates of success, but that doesn’t mean that older women can’t successfully get pregnant with IVF.

Myth #5. IVF babies are more likely to be born with birth defects, developmental delays or illnesses.

The origins of this myth are understandable. After all, IVF is fairly new in the grand scheme of things, and the idea that an embryo could be first cryogenically frozen, and then thawed and inserted in the uterus feels like something out of a science fiction novel. But, healthy babies are born thanks to IVF every single day, and studies have shown that the incidents of birth defects, developmental delays and illnesses are actually on par with babies conceived the old-fashioned way.

Myth #6. IVF is ideal for treating any fertility issue.

No, IVF is not a catch-all fertility treatment for every single fertility issue. The fact of the matter is that there are many things that can cause fertility issues, and the cause will determine the right treatment option. For example, for a woman with endometriosis, laparoscopic surgery may be required to repair scar tissue, and that may allow her to get pregnant by timing conception. Other women successfully conceive with the help of artificial insemination (IUI) or fertility medication. Because of the many fertility treatment options available, it’s so important to get a proper diagnosis before determining which treatment is right for you.

We hope that, by debunking the myths and misconceptions of IVF, we’ve given you the confidence to at least look into it and find out if it’s the right option for you. As we mentioned, many women have had successful pregnancies thanks to IVF, and it might be your best shot at having a baby. Learn more about IVF and find out if it’s the right option for you by scheduling your appointment with us today.

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