Sex is an incredibly important part of any relationship. That is why it gets its own “life.” While we don’t talk about “food life” or “friend life,” we do talk about “sex life” simply because it is that important. Usually hidden from the rest of the world, it has its own ups and downs, and it can have massive impact on the rest of your life, including your relationships and self-esteem. That is why we do what we do at Sarasota Cosmetic Gynecology, providing women with simple, effective solutions to the vaginal dryness and other issues that tend to show up as we get older.

While people seem to view sex life troubles as dramatic and obvious, the truth is, they usually come along gradually. They progress so slowly that many women don’t realize their sex lives are in trouble before everything is in the dumps. In today’s blog, we want to share some signs that your sex life needs some attention.

Signs Your Sex Life Is Suffering

You keep getting distracted.

  • It’s normal to sometimes remember random or stressful things in the heat of the moment. It has happened to every couple, and it’s usually funny the first time. However, if late bills and overdue RSVPs keep undermining intimacy with your partner, it’s time to take a step back and figure out why you are so distracted all the time; why so many other things seem more important than sex with your partner.

You really just want to go to bed.

  • Life is busy, and it can be exhausting. Getting sleep is very important! However, if you and your partner are consistently choosing sleep over sex, it’s a bad sign that should not be ignored.

Your partner doesn’t notice when you make an effort.

  • If you’ve got a new piece of lingerie or something else you know your partner will appreciate but it doesn’t have any effect, it’s time to sit down and have a talk. You should know what is on your partner’s mind. After all, if you’re looking incredible in practically nothing, there shouldn’t be anything more important to your partner!

Cuddling doesn’t happen anymore.

  • Taking the time to simply be together often gets diminished by putting your intimacy on a schedule. Suddenly, you won’t have time to cuddle or take things slowly and really enjoy your time together. Sure, the occasional quickie is all good, but if you’re noticing that you and your partner aren’t simply enjoying being intimate and are instead trying to finish so you can move on, something is up.

The kids keep joining you in bed.

  • When you have little ones, it’s normal to have them occasionally peek in and ask if they can sleep with you. If your partner is quick to make space between you for kids, something might be up. The same goes for if you would rather let your child share the bed than cuddle with your partner. While sharing your bed with kiddos every so often is normal, if it happens more and more often, both you and your partner should be annoyed.

Date nights are disappointing.

  • If you and your partner do everything possible to create a sensual atmosphere, but neither of you feels anything as a result, don’t just chalk it up to being tired or stressed. It is too easy to make excuses and fail to address what is going on underneath.

Your partner isn’t feeling it.

  • If you’ve got a healthy sex drive but your partner doesn’t respond to your advances or wants to pass, there is something up. While it is okay for a difficult day to make your partner want to take it easy, he or she shouldn’t pass on lovemaking repeatedly. This is a sign that something deeper may be going on.

You can’t remember the last time you had sex.

  • Most couples have a sex schedule, and if yours has faded away into nothingness, it’s time to figure out what might be going on. You don’t need to be in your honeymoon phase in order for things to be okay, but you should be somewhere in the middle, enjoying each other consistently despite life’s ups and downs.

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