We all get one body to take through life. Making the most of that journey isn’t always the easiest job. Whether you struggle with health issues when you’re young or run into the inevitable complexities of getting older (or both), you and everyone around you face what can be a difficult¬†situation. Today, we want to talk about an experience unique to women: menopause.

Women’s bodies depend on a delicate, powerful system of hormones to function. As the body ages, this system changes, moving through perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause. ¬†The good news is, you, don’t have to do it alone. The cosmetic gynecologist team at Sarasota is here to give you the relief you need whether you’re struggling from natural or induced menopause. We provide a revolutionary vaginal treatment called the Mona Lisa Touch, a noninvasive way to revitalize the tissues of the vagina. Though that is the center of what we do, we also answer a lot of questions. Hormone fluctuations can be very stressful and uncomfortable, and we are passionate about being strong allies for every woman who walks through our doors. In our last blog, we answered a few questions about menopause, including a few about hormone replacement therapy. Today, we’re finishing up our question series with a few last questions!

Question: I’m told I should take low-dose birth control pills. What are the actual benefits of this?

Menopause can bring heavy, irregular periods. Low-dosage birth control pills help regulate the periods, smoothing your transition. Even better, they may help protect you from uterine and ovarian cancer as well as bone loss. That being said, birth control pills aren’t good for any woman with a history of blood clots, breast cancer, heart disease, or smoking. Make sure you discuss your options with your gynecologist to ensure you’re investing in a solution that will actually work!

Question: I’m experiencing urine leakage. Is it a result of my menopause?

No, it isn’t. Urine leakage is common in women and girls, and it can get worse with age. The key is seeking treatment and not shutting down because you’re embarrassed. You need to know if you’re getting leakage because your pelvic floor is in trouble, or if obesity, weight gain, hormone therapy, family history, diabetes, or hysterectomy are contributing to the condition. There are simply too many possible causes to try to figure it out without the help of a gynecologist.

Thousands of women may be going through menopause right now, and whether yours is natural or induced, you are not alone. Turn to our world-class team in Florida to see if the relief the Mona Lisa Treatment can bring is right for you!