We all think that puberty is the biggest time of change in our bodies, and while it’s significant, it isn’t the only one. Women get to go through menopause, a massive physical change that hits later in life. It’s rare to find a woman who looks forward to it, even though it is natural. It comes with a lot of symptoms that aren’t exactly pleasant. In our last blog, we discussed five symptoms that aren’t talked about as much as others. In today’s blog, we’re going to follow that vein and explore some things that women have said they wished they knew before menopause hit. Read on!

You might feel antisocial.

Many women report a desire to pull back and be alone during menopause. This can be especially jarring for extroverts who have always enjoyed the company of others. Menopause is an introspective period that shouldn’t be fought or assumed to be depression. In fact, it can be a powerful opportunity to start putting yourself first, considering what you need and want instead of everyone else.

You’ll need a better moisturizer.

As your estrogen levels drop, so does your skin’s oil production. Your skin can quickly become dry and flaky. Attack the dryness from the outside by investing in more powerful moisturizer or facial oil. Attack from the inside by drinking lots of water to maintain your hydration levels.

Staying active will help.

Weight gain does happen during menopause. Facing the loss of estrogen, your body will try to store fat around the belly and hips. Even women who are regular exercisers will experience some weight gain. Staying active will not only keep the gain to a minimum, it will help you feel better and sleep more deeply. You don’t have to be bionic – a simple walk or a little strength training can go a very long way. You just need to be consistent.

You’ll want to nap a lot.

Menopause can really impede your ability to sleep deeply at night, making you sleepier during the day. You’ll feel the negative impact in your energy levels, mood, weight, and libido. We recommend you squeeze in a 20-minute nap each day. Not only will it give you more energy, it will give you the bandwidth to handle and manage your symptoms.

Your hair might struggle.

Fluctuations of the hormones in your body can result in thinning, dry hair. It will be more brittle and less able to handle harsh chemical treatments. You can give your hair a helping hand by using gentle cleansers and conditioners made for dry hair. You will be grateful you did!

Hot flashes bunch up at night.

Remember how we mentioned that menopause can really do a number on your sleep schedule? Well, for most women, a majority of hot flashes tend to happen at night, waking them up and keeping them that way. If you can, lower your thermostat and invest in cool, breathable sleeping materials. Deep breaths can also smooth out the roller coaster a bit, reducing the impact of the waves of heat.

You’ll want to eat really well.

Detoxing during menopause can be key to managing your symptoms. Many of the pesticides on our food can disrupt our hormones, and you’re already in the middle of a hormone hurricane – don’t make it worse! Stay away from products containing phthalates, BPAs, and parabens, and your body will have the chance to do better.

You might get heart palpitations.

These skips in heartbeat usually happen in perimenopause, the time leading up to menopause. They are often caused by hormone fluxes. If they are the result of something more serious, they’ll last more than a few minutes and make you feel faint or short of breath. If you feel concerned, make sure to see your doctor.

Your cholesterol might go up.

Estrogen does more than most people think it does: it actually suppresses bad cholesterol and boosts good cholesterol. When menopause comes along and estrogen drops, the bad cholesterol often rises. Leading an active, healthy lifestyle can minimize the change, so get moving and eat well!

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