I Highly Recommend This Procedure For Any Woman

My name is Lori and I am a post-menopausal woman who is almost 60 years old. I never really contemplated the idea of getting treatment for my vaginal dryness, which comes with age and that not so wonderful process called menopause! Mine was further complicated by surgery which resulted in a complete hysterectomy. It was depressing that the dryness was uncomfortable and sex was not always so easy. Since I became pre-menopausal so young, this was progressively an issue that creams and lubricants eventually weren’t helping.

At a routine appointment, Dr. Stephens told me about an exciting new treatment that he was planning to make available to his patients. Exciting it truly has been! I have just completed two of the three treatment sessions and have felt as though it has been a life-saver! The dryness is all but non-existent! I am so happy I decided to give it a try!! I feel like a new woman!

The procedure is relatively pain free too! The most discomfort I felt was a bit of a pin-pricking sensation (in some areas) during the procedure and a sunburn-like feel afterward. The first few days following the procedure, I also experienced an itchy sensation. The Aquafor gel that you use really aleviates those sensations well.

I highly recommend this procedure for any woman who is tired of living like they are too old to enjoy a healthy sexual relationship due to menopause!! It will change your life!