I Was Thrilled

I’m a mom of two boys, both vaginal births… before the Mona Lisa treatment I was experiencing bladder control issues and other common postpartum feelings. Running after a 2.5 yr old while weaning my baby, I had leaking issues often. So, I was thrilled to have a chance of correcting it.

The procedure for the first phase was painless maybe a little pick here or there on the external treatment and the recovery was fast, little to no down time – really just some swollen sunburn sensations. The recticare was a godsend. After my first treatment I noticed much better bladder control – I was even able to go running without a pad (the first time in a few years). I haven’t had a leak since!

My second treatment I could feel a little more but the recovery was so fast, I was a little tender for a few hours and then back to normal! Physically, I had immediate results and felt things had lifted and even felt smaller… the reviews from the hubs were also 5 stars noticing a big difference. I’m excited to see what happens for the third treatment.

I know the results vary but I have been amazed with the procedure and will go through it again if we have a third baby. Honestly, I would do it all for the bladder control issues alone.
Good luck and enjoy!